Monday, 19 December 2011

The Pocket Pilot.


  1. I sometimes used to have dreams I could fly. I liked things that flew. Granny used to tell me about birds until she died. I was only six when she died so I couldn't really remember her. I always wanted a budgie, but my mum said I wouldn't look after it properly. She said that I was too careless for pets and anyway our dog would have eaten it which was true because Bruiser was massive.

    Bruiser got killed by the vet because my sister Lola let him off the lead and he got out and bit someone and she made him take us to the vet because Bruiser was dangerous and I cried enough to make my pillow all wet.

    I really missed Bruiser, because he was always nice to me.

    I had lots of friends but I didn't love them like I loved Bruiser and none of them loved me like Bruiser loved me. A dog is a girl's best friend. That is what my mum said and she was right. Father Mark said that Bruiser didn't have a soul but he let me pray for him anyway, which was nice of him.

    Lizzie May said she had something to show me after school and she would swap it me for her coming to my party. Lizzie May lived out of town with her dad in a caravan. Lizzie May didn't wash properly. Lizzie May was quite fat and she smelled like chicken nuggets. Lizzie May was always fidgeting under her desk. Normally I wouldn't have invited Lizzie May to my party for a hundred pounds but Lizzie May looked me right in the eyes after Maths and said she had something to show me after school behind the boys' toilets and her eyes were all big like saucers.

    After school I told Julia and Emma to go home without me and I said I had to talk to Miss Hart about my homework which was a lie, but a white one. My mum made Father Mark have a talk with me about White Lying after I thought I was going to go to Hell all the time but it was okay and I wasn't going to go.

  2. Lizzie May was standing behind the boys' toilets with her hands held like this like there was something inside them, the way the boys do when they have spiders or daddylonglegses in to put them in your hair. If a daddylonglegs gets caught in your hair it will never be able to get out. Daddylonglegs are the most poisonous animal on the planet. Julia saw it on TV.

    Lizzie May said, "I didn't think you were going to come."

    Lizzie May said, "I am definitely coming to your party, aren't I?"

    I was suddenly a bit scared.

    I said, "Yeah."

    I didn't want her to know that I was scared,

    She said, 'I bred him all myself."

    She said, "I don't really want to give him to you but I really want to come to your party."

    I said, "What is it?"

    She said, "I think- I think you are the nicest one. Of all the girls in our class. I think you are nice. Even though you never talk to me."

    I said, "Thankyou."

    I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what she had in her hands.

    She said, "You are nice, though, because you said I could come to your party."

    I said, "Lizzie May, what IS it?"

    Lizzie May opened her hands, and I screamed.

    When I stopped screaming Lizzie May said, "You've scared him, look."

    I looked.

    He did look scared.

    "You can pet him, if you want."

    I did want. But I didn't want to get that close to Lizzie May.

    I looked at Lizzie May and at the creature in her hands.

    He looked very soft. And he had a little hat on.

    I took a step closer to Lizzie May.

    I put my hand out and stroked the little thing in her hands.

    Lizzie May did not smell as much like chicken nuggets as everyone said she did, close to.

    "It isn't finished," said Lizzie May. "I haven't shown you the best bit."

    'What's the best bit?" I said, looking at the little thing.

    "Hold my sleeve," she said, "and I'll show you."

    I looked at her.

    "Are you joking?"

    Lizzie May shrugged.

    I held her sleeve. I looked at her. I looked at the little thing.

    "What?," I said. "What now?"


    "Wait what?"

    I waited. Lizzie May didn't say anything. I started to think that Lizzie May probably was lying. I felt- not quite scared. I don't know what I felt. Dizzy. A bit as if my feet weren't exactly rooted on the ground. I tried to look at my feet. I counted the daisies. The petals. But the daisies were blurring. I felt dizzier, lighter, lighter than air. The daisies seemed smaller. Further away. My feet were rising, rising, and my hand was tight on Lizzie May's sleeve.

    "Isn't he clever?" said Lizzie May. "Isn't he so very clever?"

    I looked at her, and the white specks in the grass that were daisies, and the grass, and the way the wall of the boys' toilets was just below my feet, and I looked at the little creature in her hands, and I could have sworn it was smiling, and I started to laugh.

    "He's so clever," I said. "The cleverest."

    "Isn't he?" said Lizzie May, and she started to laugh too.

    And we were both laughing and laughing and laughing, clinging together and rising higher and higher and higher into the sky. I could see Julia and Emma walking home. I could see Father Mark in his garden with his top off. I could see my mum and Lola having a fight by our front door. I could see the whole town, and they couldn't see me, and I was laughing and laughing with Lizzie May, and I grinned at her. and she grinned at me, and she didn't smell a bit like chicken nuggets, not really, and I never wanted to come down.

    "Isn't he brilliant?" said Lizzie May.

    "He's brilliant," I said. "Absolutely totally the brilliantest."

  3. This story is absolutely and totally brilliant.

    The best little stories are ones with a little mystery - there's truth in them, and something else we don't need to define.

  4. I have re-written a letter to Santa asking him to ignore my last one and ask for a Pocket Pilot to keep and cherish and look after in my pocket forever and everers!