Tuesday, 8 November 2011

welcome, roar, gloop gloop bubblesnort.

Walking around one cannot help but notice there are a lot of humans. There are just dozens. Possibly thousands of dozens.

It is ridiculous. 

We all look so disappointingly similar. so very tail-less, and fang-less, and goop-less (well, not entirely true. My baby brother produces quite a lot of goop).

ANYWAY, to amend this - I have decided to draw a Monster a Day, starting from the 8/11/2011 to the 8/11/2012. 

A year. A whole ugly human year I will be filling with little hairy terrors, and ghouls and aliens and flying wonders. Because, THE WORLD NEEDS IT*.

*I need it. 

Megan Cat Noises. 

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