Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It took me home.


  1. But I was still lost inside my own head.

  2. It scooped me up from where I lay
    Exhausted I couldnt move or weep
    It carried me gently through the woods
    its careful motions lulled me to sleep.

    I woke as it opened its front door,
    I tried to sit, but wasnt able.
    It took me into its giant kitchen,
    and sat me down upon its table.

    It turned away, and left the room
    and something had given me a hunch.
    That this creature wasnt used to having
    people at its house for lunch.

    Ack, this is too long.

  3. 140 exactly! ...
    It took me home, I wouldnt weep, its gentle motions sent me to sleep.
    When we got there, I had a hunch, It didnt have many folks for lunch.

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  5. Glimpsing the village lights I turned around to thank it, but it was gone; all that remained was a warm tingling in the air.


    p.s. Love all of these by the way, especially this one.