Tuesday, 29 November 2011

She who knew the way.

"My feet strayed into her circle of light
My eyes asked "Which way is right?"
Her warm glow kept dark at bay
She shrugged as if "Who is to say?"
But, to my course she made a correction
And set me off in the right direction" 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The travellers.

welcome, roar, gloop gloop bubblesnort.

Walking around one cannot help but notice there are a lot of humans. There are just dozens. Possibly thousands of dozens.

It is ridiculous. 

We all look so disappointingly similar. so very tail-less, and fang-less, and goop-less (well, not entirely true. My baby brother produces quite a lot of goop).

ANYWAY, to amend this - I have decided to draw a Monster a Day, starting from the 8/11/2011 to the 8/11/2012. 

A year. A whole ugly human year I will be filling with little hairy terrors, and ghouls and aliens and flying wonders. Because, THE WORLD NEEDS IT*.

*I need it. 

Megan Cat Noises.